How can I get in contact with JMT outside office hours?

Our employees always try to find a solution to your requirements and questions. For all everyday business matters such as enquiries, orders and transport etc., we ask you to contact us during our regular working hours: Monday – Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Team Basel:

+41 61 312 61 20

Emergency unit

We have set up an emergency unit in all of our outlets for urgent enquiries.

Team Basel:

+41 61 312 61 20

Which trade fairs do we deliver to without additional transport costs?

A constantly updated list for national and international trade fairs can be found on our website: If you are interested in a trade fair that has not been listed, please give us a call and together we will find a low cost solution for your transport.

When is delivery free of transport costs?

JMT delivers its rented furniture for trade fairs free of transport costs punctual before the trade fair begins. If you would like an alternative date to this, additional costs will be payable. Special rules only apply to large and international trade fairs. Our customer service team will be happy to provide you information on this by telephone.

How is the material delivered insured?

JMT insures the transport of furniture. Only after the rented furniture is delivered, is the hirer liable for damage and loss during the rental period (see terms and conditions). The hirer is liable to insure the rental item until 48 hours after the rental period. We will gladly give you the insurance values.

Is an offer automatically linked to a reservation?

No, at JMT a rental request does not mean a furniture reservation.

How can I place an order with JMT Mietmobiliar?

We ask that you address your order to us in writing either by fax, e-mail or as a letter. Then we will promptly send you confirmation of your order after checking product availability.

Is it possible to obtain furniture beforehand for viewing?

Yes, JMT makes furniture available to its customers without any rental charges for a limited sampling period. We will be happy to send you the respective sample piece for a small transport fee or alternatively you can collect furniture from our store.

Is it possible to make a direct order from outlets abroad?

We would ask you to send orders directly to our head office in Basel. This avoids any misunderstandings and enables us to process your order smoothly. Our customer service is happy to take care of everything else for you.

Can I buy furniture at JMT?

Our main business is renting and not selling. Our customer advisors will be happy to help you with special projects.

Where can I find prices and CAD data on the internet?

CAD information is available for download by each product. You can find out about rental fees directly on the internet by using your personal login.

Do you have any questions about your customer login?

Then please send an e-mail to our headquarters: We will contact you immediately and be happy to help you further.